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Scierie des Carrières de Maffle sprl  | Rue Joseph Wauters, 12 | 7810 Maffle (Ath)| Tel : 068.28.2049 | Fax : | E-mal : info@scieriemaffle.be


SCIERIE des Carrières de MAFFLE sprl
Pierre Bleue de Belgique - Petit Granit

Tel: 068/28 20 49 - Fax: 068/84 01 40
Rue Joseph Wauters 12, 7810 Maffle (ATH)

The Scierie des Carrières de Maffle is a company dedicated to the transformation of the Belgian Blue Stone called Petit Granit.

Being a natural stone sawmill, we directly select the raw material at source (extractor), meaning that we purchase small blocks called « blocains » and then we saw them into slices for own use in order to convert them into finished products.
We also purchase raw and smooth slices as well as flagstone finishes and cobblestones that we do not produce ourselves. 

We deliver finished products to a clientele consisting of professionals in the construction industry, general companies and building materials suppliers.
Individuals are also very welcome!

Traditionally, we also work with light French Stones like the Magny Jaune, Magny Claire, Magny Doré, Beaunotte rubané, Euville, Senonville, etc.

The finished products are mainly thresholds, wall covers, bases, edges, split rubble stones, numerous flagstone finishes, cobblestones, window ledges, kitchen counter tops, solid surface sinks and especially beautiful, decorative antique fireplaces,..  

We pride ourselves on delivering elements matching quality requirements at the best price as well as at the best production and delivery time. At your request, we organize the delivery to the construction site with vans, crane trucks or trailer trucks or we load containers for overseas shipping.

We also work in close collaboration with the Marbrerie Crombé in Brussels. 


For more information and to request a quote, please do not hesitate to contact

Mrs. Marie Crombé by email at marie.crombe@scieriemaffle.be

or by phone at +32 476/49 99 46.